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As I’m sure you can tell from the pictures, my fiancée and I didn’t want a ‘conventional’ wedding with the line “it’s not that type of wedding” quickly becoming a regularly used catch-phrase.

That’s why picking a photographer that would met our needs became so important. In fact at first we thought it just couldn’t be done, and that along with the fact we both have quite an extreme hate of having our pictures taken, had made us pretty much settle on not having a photographer at all, until Emma got involved.

Wedding planning is so stressful at the best of times but she actually made this part of it fun. She didn’t mind me sharing a pinterest board of my ideas, which she was happy to add her own to and even met us before the wedding to talk through what we wanted so that the day itself could go without a hitch.

On the day she was mega professional, she had loads of brilliant ideas and was happy to go along with whatever ridiculous ideas we had – at one point she was taking a picture of me in what was quite a massive dress sitting in a Peppa Pig ride while my husband looked on mock annoyed.

I couldn’t recommend Emma more, she’s friendly, easy going and without any sort of ego. She understands the importance of the day and that it is your day and she really did go above and beyond to make sure that ours was amazing.

Dick & Custard’s Wedding Dick & Custard’s Wedding Dick & Custard’s Wedding Dick & Custard’s Wedding Dick & Custard’s Wedding Dick & Custard’s Wedding